Happy Labor Day: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Every year since the late 19th century, Americans have honored the contributions and achievements of workers on the first Monday in September. In fact, Labor Day is as much a cornerstone of American culture as football season. Labor Day is a reminder of the fruits of our labor and what we can accomplish through hard work, but it can also be a reminder to work smarter, not harder. After all, according to the AFL/CIO, 78% of Americans have Labor Day off! 

Put The Customer First

Before all else, you have to know your customers. The better understanding you have of your customers, the less guesswork goes into developing an effective communications strategy. In other words, the more needs you meet for your customers, the more loyal they’ll be to your business. However, it all starts with learning who your customers really are. Believe it or not, getting to know your customers is easier than it sounds. 

a group of business people going over business data in order to work smarter

Arguably the most effective way to learn about your customers is to simply watch them and listen to them. Surveys, questionnaires, and social media posts might garner some responses, but observing customers in their natural state is the most authentic way to gauge what makes them tick. Look for patterns and match customer groupings with product or service groupings. You’ll improve the customer experience by adding hidden value!

Above all else, strive to look for ways to improve the customer experience. Instead of putting a focus on trying to be seen or noticed, simply meet your customers’ needs. In addition to being free, word-of-mouth advertising is highly effective. When folks don’t go online to research recommendations and reviews, they trust the recommendations of friends, family, and others they trust. To work smarter, lock down your target audience first, then let your total audience grow with exemplary customer service. 

Place an Emphasis on Quality Content Production

Content is the essence of any effective digital marketing strategy. It’s what piques the interest of your audience and how you capture your customers’ attention. That means the quality of your content is far more important than how often you post. Again, if you really know your customers, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with effective content marketing strategies. That’s where working smarter matters; the most effective content does your selling for you. 

a computer surrounded by icons of different types of marketing contentWhat makes folks decide to spend their hard-earned money on your product or service? An emotional connection. Focus on ways to appeal to your customers’ emotions without being manipulative. That means you should present them with compelling, moving evidence that leads to them being able to make their own conclusions. Strive for connectedness and empathy and try to see things from their point of view. 

Try to implement a solid multimedia mix in your digital marketing strategy. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to professionally produce videos or spend an arm and a leg on production costs. It just means you have to branch out and augment written content with video content. Show things from all angles and cultivate engagement by piquing curiosity and adding value. 

Have Clearly Defined Goals

In addition to being SMART, your goals should be clearly defined. The better understanding you have of where you want to be, the more clearly defined your roadmap to achieving those goals. Having more clearly defined goals also means less confusion throughout your organization. When everyone works together on a commonly defined goal, everybody wins. 

You won’t waste time on fruitless marketing strategies if you have clearly defined goals. What’s more, those goals can lay out a roadmap for your strategy! In other words, follow the goals and you’ll have your strategy. What do you want to accomplish? Your goals should be built around the customer, not yourself. Believe it or not, if you truly focus on putting the customer first, the rest will follow!

Work Smarter-Not Harder

As one of the most common paid holidays among the American workforce, Labor Day is both the unofficial start of summer and a reminder to work smarter, not harder. Put your customers first, have clearly defined goals, and focus on producing the best content and you’ll be well on your way to working smarter! You might even find yourself still working hard, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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