Reputation Management: Does it Matter?

Yelp, Facebook, Google, and the rest of the internet provide ample opportunity for folks to give feedback on businesses they deal with. As a business owner, how do you deal with disgruntled customers on a public forum? Enter reputation management.

While businesses are happy to receive 5-star reviews, the negative feedback can be more deafening. A few complaints here and there won’t ruin your business. However, if the complaints start to pile up, you’re looking at a serious problem.

Things like delayed orders, poor customer service, and payment issues can aggravate your customers, and aggravated customers leave negative reviews.

Reputation management is not something as simple as deleting unfavorable comments or reviews, which is both immoral and impossible. What you can do is interact positively with your complaints. Apologize for the inconvenience. Offer to make it right. Show your customers you care about their satisfaction and walk the walk.

Interestingly, reputation management can also involve soliciting positive reviews and cultivating those reviews to the top of search engines. Think of it as an extension of public relations. Therefore, reputation management is a way to reach out with a human face and show your customers there is a person behind the brand who truly cares.

Managing your online reputation isn’t about misleading customers by omitting bad reviews or overstuffing false glowing reviews. It’s ultimately about managing feedback and staying in-tune with the needs and wants of your customers.

On average, consumers read seven reviews before finally trusting a business. Reputation management can make those reviews count and paint your business in a favorable light.

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