Top 3 In-Demand Marketing Skills

Branding is at the forefront of digital marketing. The better your brand understands how its customers view and interact with your digital content, the better suited you’ll be to create content that resonates with those customers. At the same time, developing and maintaining a brand requires patience, persistence, and–you guessed it–skills. Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand marketing skills and why your brand needs them!

Data Analysis

a group of marketers working on a customer-focused marketing strategy and analyzing metricsIt’s 2022 and data should be the starting point–and ending point–for your digital marketing strategy. Apart from telling you how your content is performing, data can tell you who your customers are, how they’ve behaved in the past, and even project future performance. Not to mention, data helps you create a formidable SEO strategy that’ll help your business get discovered online. 

Data analysis is among the most in-demand marketing skills because you need to be able to not only analyze data but be able to collect it–and know what data to collect. Furthermore, making sense of all that data will allow you to know what you can and can’t automate. Once you know what’s what, you can effectively automate parts of your strategy, saving you time and money and optimizing your results!

Finally, the better relationship your brand has with data, the more effective you can be with your resources. In other words, since you’ll have a better understanding of your market, you’ll be able to consistently churn out a better ROI, more impressions and engagement, more traffic, and more conversions. 


a group of digital marketers creatively creating contentWhile data drives what you do and how you do it, creativity is the tool through which you create your content. Data and analytics may be able to tell you who your customers are, how they spend their money, and what kind of content they interact with the most, but creativity will help you create the kind of content that’ll garner interactions and persuade them to spend that money. 

How often should your brand post on social media? How do you leverage content to accomplish your goals and objectives? The more creative your digital marketing strategy, the better you’ll be able to answer those questions. More importantly, a creative strategy will allow you to create content that your customers actually care about. 

It’s one thing to create content that drives traffic and sales, but it’s another to create content that adds value to your customers’ lives and increases brand loyalty. If you can think creatively, you can seamlessly synergize different strategies, like email marketing and social media, and integrate campaigns to optimize their reach and effectiveness. In a nutshell, creativity will allow your brand to separate itself from the competition and create lasting impressions to drive brand success. 


an infographic displaying the power of word of mouth marketing as a branding toolFive years ago, who would have guessed you’d be able to leverage TikTok into conversions? Being adaptable means being able to quickly assimilate to new technology, changes in the marketplace, and changing customer behaviors. The key takeaway there is change. Digital marketing is always changing, and those who can adapt to change are best suited in the long run.

Adaptability and creativity actually go hand-in-hand as far as marketing skills go. Together, they’ll allow you to create improvised content (that still gets results), even (and especially) under tight deadlines. If you can think on your feet and react productively to the change around you and within, you’ll be in great shape. 

The All-Around Marketer

To be able to hack it in digital marketing, you have to know the digital marketing landscape. You have to be able to think creatively, leverage data and analytics to make decisions. You also need those skills to be able to adapt to internal and external change. Cumulatively, those marketing skills will allow you to maintain an effective brand digital marketing strategy. More importantly, it’ll help to maximize your reach, drive more traffic, and get real results. 


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