Responsive web design

With a great rise of the mobile phone and tablet users, the search engines have started giving preference to the mobile searchers. Hence, it becomes a necessity to make websites that are convenient to use, not only on desktops but also on the mobile devices.

J&E Media Corp leverages the advanced technologies and the expertise of talented web designers to bring the responsiveness. We strategize the whole designing method to optimize the layout, design, images and other aspects of web design. As a result, the final product attains the ability to work seamlessly on every device.

We offer exceptional responsive web design services

Our web designing service has gained us a leading position in the market due to the efforts we make. The responsive design becomes available with all the following associated services:

  • We customize the web portals to make them responsive.
  • Our experts create web design layouts that fit all sorts of devices.
  • Each and every step of designing goes through testing and inspection.
  • The responsiveness is aligned with the other functionalities required for business functions.

Enhance your visibility in the digital world

Your visibility and survival in the digital world depend on the responsiveness of the website you have. A responsive design leads to increased traffic and high conversion rates along with better customer retention.

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We will make your site mobile friendly.

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We offer a wide variety of website design services


We can help supercharge your SEO initiatives and plan or execute ecommerce SEO campaigns that deliver high ROI.


Pay Per Click Management

Bring qualified, targeted shoppers to your ecommerce store with a custom PPC strategy built specifically for your store.


Social Media Optimization

Our social media optimization services include various large social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.