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We offer an array of online ordering services with multiple pricing packages to fit your business needs. Learn more below or click the button to get a proposal.

Flat rate, no commissions!

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have greatly affected the foodservice industry. Third-party online ordering vendors have filled the void, but at a tremendous cost: sometimes up to 30-40%! With J&E Media, you pay one flat rate with NO commissions EVER, which means you get to keep more of your hard-earned revenue!

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Own your own data for customer marketing

No more forfeiting your customer data! We believe you should have access to your customer information any time you please. Set up customer loyalty programs, mailing lists, monitor customer behavior, and keep your customer data safe from third parties!

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Daily deposits

Keep your cash flowing. The online payments you earn on any given day will be direct-deposited into your bank account the next. It's that simple!

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Tablet and printer provided

Worried you don’t have the hardware to handle this kind of functionality? We’ve got you covered. J&E Media will provide you your very own tablet and printer so you always have full access to all functions of your online ordering enterprise. Receive orders and payments from your website and manage them directly from the tablet!

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Optional branded app

Not only can your customers order their favorite food directly from your website, but they’ll also have full access to your mobile application as well! Available for iPhone and Android, your mobile app serves as a partner to your website’s online ordering, allowing your customers to quickly grab food on the go!

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Take complete control of your menu, business information, and customer data with 24/7 access to analytics and reporting. Dig into performance metrics with access to real-time data and view your data from anywhere, even on your mobile device! Track sales, customer behavior, and any data you want on an easy-to-use interface.

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Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion: We'll implement strategic, targeted, cross-platform social media posts designed to generate buzz around your new online ordering services, keeping your customers always in the loop.

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