Live Chat Integration

Record LiveChat conversations as J&E cases. Add premium live chat to your website and improve your communications with customers.

Benefits of live chat

Adding live chat to your website allows for easy, quick communication between yourself and customers. Not every customer wants to pick up the phone every time they have an issue. Live chat is easier and lets those communicating with you multi-task while doing so. 

In minutes, you can start solving customer issues, answering questions, and engaging with customers in real-time chat sessions. Live chat operates just like an instant messenger app would, only it is integrated and synced into your website. That means it comes complete with the style and branding of your website, including matching your color scheme and functioning seamlessly within your page design.

No more sifting through voicemails, checking emails or going through a customer suggestion box. In the current digital age, instant, text-based communication is at the forefront of all communication. People are busy. They do, however, usually have a keyboard or mobile phone within reach. Let them contact you while going about their day. Plus, you never have to worry about any communication getting lost or misplaced. 

With live chat, every conversation is saved with an attached customer email address from the sender. Plus, live chat saves every conversation as a case for your team to respond to when they are back online. You can be confident that every case is fully tracked and no customer issue falls through the cracks.

Live-chat is a must-have for all responsive businesses, as it allows customers to engage in a contact-free, effortless manner and more instant, direct communication. We can help businesses of all sizes and in all fields improve their communication with the integration of fully functional live chat. Simply add it to your site and you can start communicating right away. To integrate live chat into your website, get in touch with J&E Media Corp today!

a live chat infographic