Is Digital Marketing Seasonal?

The summer months are typically the best time to maximize your revenue, but as we get ready to close the book on another summer and turn the page to fall, your marketing efforts should be shifting as well. Is digital marketing seasonal? Or should you keep up the same strategy year-round?

The Seasons of Marketing

an infographic showing 4 trees in different seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fallRegardless of what happens in the world, we can count on the seasons to change. If you sell ski equipment, you love winter. If your business sells pools, summer is the hot season. But how do consumer attitudes change during those seasons? More importantly, are there seasonal marketing methods that prove more effective in any given season? Let’s have a look. 

Typically, the new economic cycle starts in spring. That’s a good time to assess the previous year and develop goals for the forthcoming year. But how are your customers feeling in spring? When winter snow melts and the mercury in thermometers trends upwards, there’s a feeling of hope in the air. Look to capitalize on the seasonal energy in your marketing strategy. 

Regardless of the season you choose, seasonal sales are a great way to incentivize customers through the doors. Many companies run end-of-year, holiday, or various other time-based sales throughout the year. Be careful: if you run too many seasonal sales, you might not have much business outside of sales periods. 

Is One Season Slower Than Another?

a collection of wrapped gift boxes for the holiday seasonYou might think customers are sheltered inside for the winter months, and only come out to spend their cash when the weather is warm. That’s not the case. People have largely the same needs year-round. With that said, however, some products are obviously more suited for a particular season than another. 

The seasonal changes can be a great opportunity to make real connections with your customers. Think about important events that happen each season. Use those events in your marketing content to show your human side as well as how your business can meet myriad needs for your audience. For instance, the new school year starts in fall. For families with small children especially, it’s a busy time. That means it might be a great opportunity to showcase your empathy with the trying situation as well as what your business can do to make families’ lives easier!

While there might not be an obviously slower season, there are busier seasons. Holiday shopping, for example, typically represent 20 percent of total yearly retail sales. That might seem like a lot, but it represents a few months out of the year. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Keep your strategy spread out throughout the year to maximize potential interest and visibility. 

Keep Marketing All Year Long!

a cartoon megaphoneRegardless of your specific line of business, it’s best to keep your marketing efforts up all year. Keep updating your social media, maintain your website, and curate your overall digital presence on a regular basis. The better maintained your profile is, the more credibility you’ll have with your audience.

Digital marketing is like a garden. It requires tender love and care, sunshine, and regular watering. It’s not the kind of thing you can touch once and expect to produce. Much like a garden, if you neglect it, you’ll have an inferior product! From January to December, your business might have different needs. Your customers’ needs might change throughout the year as well. What shouldn’t change is your commitment to maximizing your digital profile!

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