How Much Does a Logo Impact Your Business?

If you’ve been out recently, chances are you’ve come across some of the more ubiquitous brand logos. Between driving, surfing the internet, and watching television, we’re exposed to more than 5,000 brand messages a day. In between the barrage, we’re bombarded with brand logos, which are branded (no pun intended) in our brains, so that when we recognize a problem, those brand logos come to the forefront of the mind in the form of solutions. With that said, how much does a logo really matter?

Is a Logo the Face of Your Business?

At its simplest form, your logo is part of your brand’s visual identity. It should encompass everything your brand stands for in a succinct, aesthetically pleasing way. That includes incorporating the right colors, iconography, and even a slogan, when applicable. Because your logo will be included on product packaging, all marketing and advertising materials, and in the physical realm of your storefront, it should be something poignant for your audience. 

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Remember, the biggest global brands incorporate easily recognizable designs. For reference, roughly 94% of the world can recognize the Coca-Cola logo. While that kind of global visibility isn’t easily attainable, it starts with building awareness of your brand. At the same time, your logo is only as good as the experience you provide for your customers. Your business can have the most creative, visually pleasing logo in the world, but if you can’t deliver for your customers, it won’t matter. 

Your logo is as much the face of your business as your website and your social media presence. In a nutshell, your digital presence serves as a point of reference for your customers. In addition to being what your customers see, our overall digital presence serves as the mouthpiece for messaging your audience. The more brand loyalty you can build, the more recognizable your logo becomes. That helps build brand trust; when people see your logo, they’ll associate it with the experience your brand has provided them in the past. 

Your Logo is Only as Good as Your Overall Design

Why does your overall design matter?

First impressions determine how your brand is perceived by potential customers. The newer your brand, the more important it becomes to establish a strong first impression. Since it takes less than 30 seconds to make that first impression matter, your brand imagery matters. Instead of having to read copy, your audience sees a catchy logo, infographic, image, or video, all of which are far more captivating. 

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Emotion drives purchasing behavior. Since the best visuals evoke emotion, your logo is a way to influence customers. Ever wonder why over one-third of the top 100 brands include blue in their logo? It’s because of the psychological effects of color. Red makes people hungry, blue makes people calm, and green makes people think of growth. Whatever your brand represents, there’s a color to include not only as part of your logo, but as a part of your overall design. 

When customers buy from your brand, they’re not just buying from you. They’re buying what your brand represents. Their purchase also signifies that they identify with your brand. Today, branding represents so much more than logos. From your business cards to the way your employees are dressed to the sort of customers that shop at your business, everything plays into how your customers perceive your brand. A logo might not be the most important part of your business, but it’s a good place to start. 

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