Five Reasons You Need Professional Copywriting

In any digital marketing strategy, the content you produce matters. Whether it’s video, graphics, audio, or multimedia, copywriting is a crucial part of content development. Without copywriting, there’s no content to produce! At the same time, Nielsen Research has found the vast majority of internet users skim over, rather than exhaustively consume, most content. Does that mean it’s okay to relax on your copywriting? The answer is no. Here are five reasons why your business should invest in professional copywriting. 

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1.) It Helps With SEO

Search engine optimization is critical to optimizing your digital visibility. The better chances your business has of being found online, the better it bodes for your bottom line. Not only does copy written for SEO have a better chance of connecting with customers, but it also tends to rank more favorably on search engines. Professional copywriting also avoids keyword stuffing and targets only the most valuable keywords: the ones that bring in the most traffic.

2.) It Builds Credibility

a group of people underneath a circule of words, which include loyalty, honesty, credibility, trust, and honestPut it this way: if your customers visit your website and find grammatical or spelling errors, they’re going to question your professionalism. The foundation of any fruitful business relationship is trust. As such, even if you offer a superior product, if your audience doesn’t trust you, they will be less willing to try your product or service in the first place. Your reputation matters; professionally produced content can add that refined look to optimize how the audience perceives your brand. Interestingly enough, credibility matters to potential customers as much as it does to potential investors. In other words, making your business credible can be the difference between folks taking you seriously and folks losing interest. 

3.) It Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Remember, most visitors to a web page skim over the content; the average reader reads only 20 seconds of a page. So, that means it’s critical to make 20 seconds worth of content stand out. Professional copywriters know how to select the most compelling headlines and page titles. They can also curate blogs, which can be invaluable in driving traffic to your website, especially if it can develop a strong following. Above all else, professionally-written copy makes connections with your customers. Since emotion is the primary driver of sales, making your copy stand out can mean convincing more folks to buy your product or service.

4.) It Drives Sales

an infographic showing increased sales over timeEven if you can get folks to find you, you still have to seal the deal. That’s where professional copywriting is invaluable. The best copywriting is persuasive without being overtly selling and argumentative without being crass or ignorant. Professional copywriting drives sales because it makes the right appeals. With that said, your copy should be empathetic, insightful, and pique curiosity. In addition, it should both inspire your customers to ask more questions and come to their own conclusions. Finally, make sure your copy includes a powerful call-to-action and clearly states the benefits of using your product or service. 

5.) It’s the Cornerstone of Digital Marketing

No matter what kind of digital marketing content your business produces, there’s a good chance copywriting goes into it. Yes, content is the lifeblood of digital marketing; it’s your website, blog, social media presence, and everything else you put online for your audience to consume. That means it should take into account your audiences’ needs, your brand’s value proposition, and anything and everything else that adds value to your organization. An effective digital marketing strategy depends on effective content, and effective content depends on effective copywriting. 

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