Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages are where the conversions start. It’s your opportunity to create buzz around specific products, services, or steps to action. But if your landing pages are lacking punch, the only thing your customers will do is click the “X” and move on. Let’s take a look at five steps to take to improve your landing pages and get more conversions!

1.) Copywriting is Everything

a collection of words related to copywritingOn a good day, you’ll have at most 15 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. Above all else, that means your copy has to grip, engage, and sustain interest. Not only do you need to capture your audience’s attention, but you also need to provide a compelling reason for visitors to yearn for more. That’s why professional copywriting is so important when creating any web page. 

When the copy isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to show proof. If your product or service is the best because of XYZ, don’t tell your audience that–show it. A short video, photo, or testimonial goes a lot further than even the most scintillating copy. Get out there and prove to your visitor why he or she needs your product or service! 

Use bold, captivating language, but remember to speak to your audience. Avoid errors in grammar, syntax, and spelling, as well as speaking in passive voice. You want to appear professional, but also casual. Your customers want a relationship with your brand–they don’t want to be sold to. 

2.) Keep it Simple 

Along with direct copywriting, you want to keep your landing page as simple as possible. Getting rid of all the clutter allows your visitors to focus on what matters: the call to action. Minimize the number of elements above the fold to avoid confusion and draw your customers’ eyes where they need to go

In other words, your landing page should consist of who your brand is, what you’re offering, and what to do next. There’s no need for bells, whistles, frills, or anything else counterproductive to your goals. Provide a subtle, yet visually-appealing background, concise, straight-to-the-point information, and a compelling call to action. You don’t need anything else to maintain a successful landing page. 

Don’t ask for too much information either. The more work you ask your visitor to do, the more likely he or she bounces to another page. If you’re requesting contact info, ask for an email or phone number only. The minute you start asking for personal or financial information, you’re going to arouse suspicion. 

3.) Narrow the Focus

a magnet attracting customersYou can’t sell every product or service at once. A landing page should have a narrow focus and direction to one specific idea you want your audience to follow. You may have multiple landing pages, but each needs to represent a specific product, service, promotion, or call to action.

Landing pages aren’t meant to profile brand history, philosophy, or stories. It’s a place to engineer conversions by wrangling your customers. Remember to get their contact information, because without it, they’re as anonymous as non-customers.

The more options you give your customers, the more difficult it becomes to make a decision. Keep your landing pages as simple as possible, narrow the focus, and make it easy for them to make the decision you want them to make!

4.) Utilize Your Unique Selling Proposition

The easiest and most efficient way to improve your landing pages is to take advantage of your unique selling proposition. What is it about your brand that is superior to the competition? Why should folks part with their money to buy your products or services? Look for one overarching idea and lead with it. Whether it’s low prices, superlative quality, caring customer service, broadcast it loud and clear. 

That also means your USP should be an integral part of your copywriting. Look to integrate it into your headline, copy, and even any proof you show. A visitor to your landing page has already interacted with your brand, so they have an interest in what you have to offer. Remember, submissions on a landing page are as good as warm leads–as long as the information provided is legitimate. 

5.) Get More Traffic

a group of customers giving feedbackThe best way to improve your landing pages and garner more conversions is to get more people to visit said landing pages. That means you need to leverage all your channels to funnel traffic to your website. Build a robust social media campaign, take advantage of email marketing, and don’t forget about the underrated channels!

Improving your landing pages also means improving your overall SEO strategies. Make sure each landing page is optimized appropriately with alt text, meta titles and tags, and everything else needed for optimal visibility on SERPs. 

Even with the best copywriting, sales is a numbers game. The more folks you get to visit your page, the more conversions you’ll end up with. As you improve the other elements, you’ll improve your conversion rate accordingly, but it all starts with generating more buzz around your brand–and directing folks to your website. 

Improve Your Landing Pages and Improve Your Overall Web Presence

Search engines track and rate web pages, not websites. That means your landing pages play into search engine ranking algorithms as well. Better landing pages mean a better overall web presence, which means better SEO rankings. 

If you can improve your landing pages and give your visitors an incentive to learn more, you’ll be on your way to building strong relationships. Just remember to keep that relationship growing with consistently strong content! 

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