Executing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing is multi-layered, complex, and time-consuming. Once you’ve analyzed your research findings and developed a plan, how do you nail the execution? It’s all part of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Don’t Underestimate Planning

The first step to effective digital marketing campaigns is planning.

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 Without a carefully laid out plan, even the best ideas can quickly become disorganized and fade into chaos. Before you can start planning your campaign, however, you need to figure out what, specifically, you want to promote. 

Maybe you want to communicate low prices, great service, or superlative selection. You should always strive to include a point of differentiation (something that separates you from your competition) in your advertising, so folks have a compelling reason to even consider your brand. For newer brands and brands in saturated markets, this is even more important. 

Whatever you choose to be the ethos of your brand message, you need to present it thematically. Try to find common ground between your brand and your audience’s interests. Importantly, this means more than what your brand offers. Consider what your brand stands for and think about how to leverage those ideals to make connections with your audience. 

While it’s important to include, in the words of renowned marketing expert David Ogilvy, a “big idea,” your marketing campaign doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly innovative. The best way to make your messages stand out is to find your point of differentiation and make sure your brand messages are visible. 

The best way to do that? Repetition. 


Take a moment to think of the most recognizable brands. What do they all have in common? You have probably seen and heard their brand messages too many times to count. One thing you might notice from all those ads is that they follow a prominent theme. The best brands know how to leverage repetition to boost visibility and make a strong imprint in the minds of the audience. a person typing on a computer

That’s the reason why product packaging is uniform and usually incorporates the brand logo and color scheme. It’s also why brands not only have slogans but utilize digital advertising. If the target audience is exposed to those advertisements enough times, it becomes inevitable that when the need for that product or service arises, the content from those ads is there to provide a lead, or even better, a sale. 

A study from Microsoft found the optimal number of exposures for a brand message is between 6 and 20. By the 20th time the audience interacts with the message, he or she may be finally coaxed to buy. 

Before you develop a message, think about whether or not it can be communicated repeatedly. Will your audience grow tired of it? Take the time to develop something catchy that resonates with the emotional needs of your audience. In other words, try to create a brand message you would be proud to share yourself. 

Find Your Voice

Depending on the product or service your brand provides, the tone you’ll utilize to communicate your messages will differ. What’s more, the method for communicating these messages will differ just the same. 

Find and select the appropriate channels for optimizing the efficacy of your brand messages. While social media is free and far-reaching, it may not always be the best avenue. Take into consideration where your audience spends their time digitally and focus on maximizing your exposure to those channels. 

Take careful consideration to craft your brand messages with the ethos of your brand voice. Strive for authenticity; consumers can smell duplicity a mile away, and rarely will you get a second chance to earn back lost trust. 

The Right Combination? A Winning Combination

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing. Your digital marketing strategy has to be as unique as your brand. While that means separating yourself from the competition, it also means incorporating all the fundamentals of digital marketing, including social media, content marketing, web design, and SEO. 

Nailing the execution of your digital marketing strategy requires the right combination of time, effort, and marketing acumen. It’s not something you should expect to have down pat right away. However, if you take the time to plan, develop resonant messages and formulate them appropriately, you’ll be able to build a larger, stronger customer base. 

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