Does Your Business Need a Unique Marketing Strategy?

Every business has one thing that separates it from the competition. Whether that’s a unique value proposition, an exclusive product, or an illustrious history, one thing is for certain: every business is different. But when it comes to marketing your unique business, should you adopt best practices or implement a unique marketing strategy? The answer may be both! 

Should You Stick to Best Practices?

people highlighting best marketing practices as part of a unique marketing strategyThere’s a reason over 90% of businesses use social media and over 65% of businesses have a website: these best practices are tried and proven. Unless you’re operating with a robust referral service, your digital profile needs to be highly visible. That means, at minimum, you need a couple of social media profiles and an-at worst-functional website. 

It also means you need to invest in SEO. Search engines drive the brunt of all business-related traffic, with 46% of all product searches running through Google. If you can nail your target keywords and contribute consistently high-quality content, you’re more likely to earn a spot on the coveted first page of Google results. That’s important because most people don’t bother to scroll on to page 2!

It’s also common best practice to set a clear brand identity and have attainable goals. You won’t be doing yourself any favors with unrealistic expectations or a confusing online strategy. Identify your target audience and use a consistent voice through all channels, keeping your content aligned with your goals. If you want to sell more of a particular product, for example, taper your content creation around highlighting the unique features and benefits of that product. 

Or a Unique Marketing Strategy?

a megaphone symbolizing marketing that people can see and hearAt the same time, you don’t want to copy everyone else. Using the same strategies over and over may work at first, but eventually, your audience will get bored and latch onto something else more captivating. Much like your point of differentiation, your marketing strategy has to do something no one else can. Look for creative ways to tap into the marketplace and appeal to your customers’ needs in ways your competition might have overlooked. 

For example, instead of overtly praising your product or highlighting flaws in the competition, consider using neutral content that helps your customers make their own decisions. Customers certainly don’t like being told what to do, but they like things that make their lives easier. With that said, focus on content that answers your customers’ questions and improves the overall quality of their day-to-day lives. 

Come up with unique sales ideas, targeted giveaways, and customer loyalty programs-including rewards your competitors don’t offer. Add unique features to your website or social media page and get your audience involved. As an example, consider running a social media content where the best submission receives a unique, desirable prize. Creative, unique marketing strategies come down to knowing your audience. The more you know your audience inside and out-and the better you can relate to them-the more effective your unique, creative marketing strategies will be. 

The Bottom Line

a clip art image of a woman implementing unique marketing strategy in getting her business noticedCreativity is the lifeblood of good marketing. If you run the same ads over and over or don’t update your website, your audience is going to get bored. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing-not to copy them, but to make sure you’re not copying them. Look for things they’re not doing and improve on what they are doing. Try to set the example they want to follow and not vice-versa. 

The bottom line is this: to effectively market your unique business, you need to employ a calculated mix of best practices and unique marketing strategy. Intermingle the perfunctory with the inventive and find ways to spice up the ordinary. Don’t strive to be creative for creativity’s sake; you still probably need a website and social media presence. Look for ways to set your business apart from the competition and your audience will notice!

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