DIY? When it Comes to Marketing, No Way!

Today, you can look up DIY directions for everything from changing your oil to filling a cavity. Whether to cut corners, save money, or gain valuable experience, the reasons for DIY are a dime a dozen. However, there are reasons these professional services exist, and marketing is no different.

Let’s take a look at why when it comes to marketing your business, DIY may not be wise.

Time, Valuable Time

In a field where metrics dominate, let’s not forget about the economic component of time. After all, time is definitely money when it comes to running your small business. How much time are you spending, per week, strictly marketing your business?

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A 2019 survey found 58% of small businesses spend 5 hours or less per week on marketing efforts. While this no doubt allows them to focus more time on the important aspects of their business, that lack of marketing means less exposure, visibility, and engagement with their audience. 

By choosing to largely forego marketing efforts, business owners are taking a gamble that word of mouth and a superior product will generate enough interest to absolve their lax in marketing.

This is typically not a wise gamble.

Whether it’s failure to grasp the target market, lack of engagement, or not keeping up with the changing market, poor marketing is one of the most common reasons small businesses fail. 

Quality marketing means keeping near-constant tabs on not only the changing market but customers’ changing needs. Staying up to date on your customers and their changing needs definitely takes more than five hours a week.

If you care about growth, brand loyalty, and increasing profits, a professional marketing service trumps DIY 10 times out of 10. Plus, as a business owner, you’ll have more time to devote to your business without sacrificing your competitive edge- your marketing efforts. 


While you may be a marketing expert, chances are your area of expertise is most likely limited to the field in which your business is situated. And even though anyone can use email, the internet, and social media, not everyone is truly an expert when it comes to getting results from them.

You could spend more time learning the ins and outs of marketing tools and how to use them to your advantage, but who’s going to handle your business while you’re away? And will a few youtube videos or guides turn you into an expert overnight? How long did it take you to become enough of an expert in your field that you decided to open a business?

Do you trust yourself to be able to create engaging, informing, quality content on a regular basis? Do you know enough to be able to reach the right audience, both geographically and emotionally? Can you measure ROI and answer customers’ questions accurately within an hour?

Search engine marketing, content marketing, social media; in an ever-changing landscape, it’s a full-time job for professionals to keep up with the changes. Rather than pouring resources into failing strategies, trust the responsibility of marketing to those who handle it professionally. If you can’t optimize your website, analyze data, or develop integrated multimedia campaigns, leave the marketing to the professionals.


One of the most common reasons for DIY anything is to save a few bucks. For some things, like homemade arts and crafts, DIY is fun, rewarding, and sensible. When it comes to marketing your business, however, DIY can be costly. 

Even though you won’t have to pay a professional marketing company, you’re actually potentially losing more by missing out on everything a professional marketing company provides. 

Professional marketing is a great example of an important investment in your business. While you pay more in the short-term, your long-term results make it well worth the investment. If you can build sustainability, generate interest, and create a digital presence for your business without devoting a significant chunk of time, it’s well worth the cost. 

Trust the Professionals

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Just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean you should. Unless you have ample time, experience, or room for error, it’s more sensible to leave the marketing to the professionals. You’ll get more professional results, a better return on your investment, and you’ll be able to spend more time on what matters: your business. 

If you’re frustrated with your DIY marketing efforts and looking for real results, reach out to us today! We can develop a unique strategy to get you back doing what you love and propel your business to new heights.

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