Digital Marketing Strategies You Can’t Avoid

Today is Tax Day 2021, so don’t forget to file your taxes by the end of the day! While fortunately taxes are not a part of your marketing strategy, there are some digital marketing strategies that, like taxes, you can’t succeed without doing!


Think of your website as the heart of your brand. The stronger it beats, the healthier your business. A strong business website serves as a landing page for commerce. Even if your customers can’t buy from you directly on your website, they should be able to get all the information they need to make an informed purchase. 

As a small business, very few things give you the opportunity to express everything you stand for better than a website. From the design to the content, the entire operation is in your hands. Make sure you take the time to align its presentation with your brand ethos. 

At the same time, make sure your site is free of hitches. Almost 90% of consumers will leave your site after a bad experience. That means long loading times, 504 gateway errors, slow or confusing billing, and dead links can cause serious damage to your reputation. 

In short, your website should be fully-functional and ready to go at the same time, if not earlier, than your physical launch. Keep your website healthy and strong and your audience’s interest will surely follow suit. 

Content Marketing

Although not as recognizable as a website, the idea of content marketing is equally as important. If your overall strategy doesn’t include at least some form of content marketing, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity. 

Rather than overtly promote your product or service, content marketing involves the creation and implementation of content to stimulate interest. Importantly, that doesn’t necessarily have to be interest in your specific product. It could include videos, blogs, photos, or stories to supplement your brand by generating interest in your area of business. 

For instance, if you own a gym, part of your content marketing strategy might include images or videos of folks in prime fitness as well as blog posts about how being in good shape improves your quality of life.

Digital marketing strategies should never be pushy or boring. If you go stale, you’ll lose customers. Spice it up, keep your customers informed, engaged, and entertained, and always strive to create something of value with every piece of content you publish. 


Over 4.5 billion people worldwide have access to the internet. While your website is the home of your digital presence, you need a way to utilize every corner of the internet to facilitate visits to that site. Enter search engine optimization, or SEO. 

Search engine optimization includes everything from keyword optimization to title tags to the overall design and efficiency of your website. Take the time to learn your market, including your competition. Take a look at things like keyword density, how much content is produced on a regular basis, and the links to and from the website in question. 

Your customers are using the internet, and more importantly, they’re using search engines in the initial part of their buying process. Take the time to ensure your website is as SEO-friendly as possible and search engines really will be your best friend!

Social Media

When your customers aren’t on search engines, they’re on social media. Seriously, people spend, on average, over 2 hours a day on social media sites! While they may not be directly reading the “about” tab on your Facebook page, every social media platform provides ample opportunity for visibility and interaction with your audience. 

In addition to creating organic, engaging content, you can use social media as part of your advertising strategy! Consider boosting posts or including paid social media ads to enhance your visibility across the different channels. 

At the same time, it may not be necessary or even beneficial to have a page on every social media platform. Think about where your customers spend their time as well as where your competition has already planted their flag, and make a plan accordingly. It can help to focus on keeping a strong presence across two or three platforms at first, then spreading out once you’ve mastered your core areas. 

Like every part of digital marketing, social media is always changing, so keep an eye on the trends. If any part of your digital marketing strategy goes stale, your customers will migrate elsewhere. 

How is Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Again, like your taxes, it’s imperative to keep tabs on every part of your digital marketing strategy. Keep up with the trends, keep producing fresh, quality content, and pay attention to the results. Change up your approach when necessary and always think of your audience and customers first. 

Your whole approach should be tailored towards what works best for your customers, not what works best for you. Find their pain points and taper your appeals towards improving their lives. Remember to integrate your overall digital marketing strategies to be part of a cohesive, cumulative, complementary approach. Each facet of your digital presence should supplement another to form a complete picture of excellence. 

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