Digital Marketing New Year’s Resolution(s)

With the last embers of 2021 on the fire, it’s time to look to 2022. While the new year holds promise and potential, it’s important to take the lessons learned from 2021 and apply them to new opportunities and situations. That applies to marketing your business as well. With the right plan and digital marketing New Year’s resolution(s), 2022 can be your business’s year! 

New Year’s Resolution 1: Invest in Social Media

a holiday garland with social media platform logos as the baublesFrom the re-emergence of live events to automated AI to the power of influencer marketing, the past year was full of lessons. One of the biggest lessons was the overall importance of social media as a digital marketing tool. Nowhere else can you get the kind of exposure, engagement, and cost-efficiency. Plus, having an established social media presence allows you to easily branch into new strategies like influencer marketing. Therefore, the most pivotal resolution for 2022 is to invest in your social media game. 

Figure out which platforms are most effective in driving traffic to your webpage or store and build your presence out from there. That might mean taking the time to create video content for YouTube or TikTok, but if it gets eyes on your brand, it’s worth it. 

New Year’s Resolution 2: Invest in Your Customers

a group of happy customers showcasing positivityLet’s take a step back. What is the purpose of your social media presence? In other words, why even maintain a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page? The answer, of course, is your customers. Therein lies the next most important resolution: invest in your customers. They’re the ones who drive your business, so the better you understand everything about them, the more efficient your whole strategy will be. 

Understanding your customers also means taking a stand in solidarity with them. One big lesson we learned in 2021 was the power of consequence culture. As more and more consumers look to buy exclusively from brands that espouse their personal values, brands that stay neutral are left by the wayside. In other words, 2022 is the year to take a stand and let your customers know exactly what your brand believes in.

New Year’s Resolution 3: Be Ready to Adapt

a collection of fireworksThe past two years haven’t been kind to small businesses, but they have highlighted the importance of brand versatility. Let’s face it: the way customers act has changed. Folks are not only buying different things-they’re buying online and for different reasons, to say the least. That means it’s critical to figure out what, when, where, and why your customers are buying and plan both an operations and marketing strategy that appeals to their changing attitudes. 

Think critically about how to create engaging, personalized content-including where to place it and when to post it. Remember, your customers don’t want salesy, pushy content-they want riveting, relatable, and interesting. As a rule of thumb, don’t publish any content that wouldn’t at least earn a glance from yourself. If you don’t care about it, why should anyone else?

Make 2022 Your Year!

As customer attitudes have changed over the past few years, so has the digital marketing landscape. What worked in 2018 is no longer effective, and what customers used to care about is no longer relevant. Again, brands need to be able to adapt to their customers-and not the other way around. By applying the right resolutions, you can optimize your digital marketing strategy for maximum efficiency. With the right approach, you can make 2022 your year. At the very least, it’ll be better than 2020!

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