Content Marketing: Why Your Content Matters

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Everything you post online for your business is technically considered content. Text, images, videos, memes, etc: it’s all part of a complex content marketing strategy, and it all matters.

With internet usage up more than 70% over the past year, folks are spending an almost unthinkable amount of time online.

What are they spending all that time doing? Gobbling up content. 

Admittedly, a lot of the content out there is superficial.

How can you make yours stand out?

Analyze your target market and make calculated appeals not only to your audience’s interests, but to their emotions. Remember, emotion drives behind purchasing behaviors. Filling an emotional need is a big reason people choose to buy a product or service from a particular company. Focus on filling your audience’s emotional needs. 

With that said, the content you publish across your digital profile should always be in-line with your brand ethos. If you have built your brand around humor, for example, stoic content is going to rub your audience the wrong way. 

If your content is lacking direction, substance, insight, or any other positive attribute, there’s a good chance your content is falling on deaf ears. What’s more, if your content strategy goes stale, your engagement will dry up and your brand will suffer. 

What’s the difference between content and content marketing?

What separates the two is the endgame. You can publish content with no clear goal, but if you try to use that as part of a content marketing strategy, it won’t work. With content marketing, everything published must attract the audience to the product or service behind the message. 

In short, quality content marketing involves publishing videos, blogs, images, stories, and everything else to fill a customer need

A good content marketing strategy drives traffic, generates leads, improves brand awareness, and most importantly, helps boost profits. 

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