Top 3 In-Demand Marketing Skills

Branding is at the forefront of digital marketing. The better your brand understands how its customers view and interact with your digital content, the better suited you’ll be to create content that resonates with those customers. At the same time, developing and maintaining a brand requires patience, persistence, and–you guessed it–skills. Let’s take a look […]

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Does Black Friday Still Matter?

Black Friday is traditionally the single-biggest retail shopping day of the year. Since 2008, spending numbers had been rising year-over-year, culminating with a whopping $775 Billion in 2020 retail receipts. Early returns from 2021, however, show that Black Friday has perhaps lost its luster. Have customer shopping habits changed or is this more a result […]

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STP: Deliver The Right Content to The Right Customers

Your business wants as many customers as possible. Ideally, you’d create content that appeals to every possible customer, but that would entail infinite unique customizations that aren’t feasible-even for the biggest global brands. Instead, the right approach is segmentation, targeting, and positioning, or how your brand carves out its space in the marketplace. With the […]

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Why Social Responsibility and Ethical Marketing Matters

In light of the protests and riots of 2020, we saw numerous high-profile brands take stands on the hot-ticket, contentious issues. Now that the dust has settled, do these brands still support these causes the way they did six months ago? The answer is telling. Social responsibility & ethical marketing applies not only to how […]

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What’s The Difference Between Data and Information?

Data is far and away the most valuable commodity in the world today. Does that mean that information is just as valuable? While perception is reality, data is a way to quantify differing perceptions of reality into tangible, meaningful conclusions. For example, you might perceive Fridays as the busiest days for your small business. Data […]

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Top 4 Skills For Marketers Today

Think of the last advertisement or commercial you saw. What stands out? The most persuasive, compelling, and ultimately successful advertisements are more or less cut from the same cloth. What skills can we distill from these advertisements? More importantly, let’s take a look at the top four skills for marketers today. 1.) Critical Thinking Unless […]

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How Small Businesses Can Compete with Big Boxes

Right now, if you go on your smartphone or computer, you can buy just about anything you want from a big-box store. What’s more, you can even get it the next-or even the same-day. For the most part, small businesses can’t compete with that kind of turnaround time. Where they can compete, however, is by […]

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What Can Pizza Teach You About Business?

What Can Pizza Teach You About Business? Everyone likes pizza. Seriously, it’s not the number one dinner choice among Americans for no reason. Look beyond the warm, gooey goodness, however, and you just might learn something. What can pizza teach you about business? The Crust Matters The crust of your pizza matters. You could take […]

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Should You Compare Yourself to Your Competition?

Part of running a business is gauging how you stand in the marketplace. Obviously, your bottom line is the most telling indicator of how your business is doing, but what about the competition? Should you take the time to compare your business to those who provide the same or similar products or services? Comparing the […]

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Customer Perception is Reality (For Your Customers)

Perception is reality, and customer perception, in particular, is reality for your customers. That means every part of your communication strategy has the power to either reinforce or sway that reality. You don’t have the power to determine what your customers think of you, but there are steps you can take to help make their […]

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Communicating Empathy: How to Market Effectively

The average consumer receives 5,000 brand messages a day, a tenfold increase from 50 years ago. With so much clutter, how do you streamline your business communication to increase its efficacy? The answer is simple: communicating empathy.  Facts are the meat and potatoes of business. However, buying behaviors are more often than not based on […]

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Make it Count: How to Build Your Brand Like a Pro

As a business, your brand is all you have. It’s how you influence customers to buy your product or service over that of your competitors. In other words, it’s how you build your brand that matters. But starting a business and building your brand is easier said than done. It involves more than a few […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Brand is More Important than Your Product

Your brand is everything. Unless your business is overwhelmingly niche, chances are you’ve got a bit of competition. What separates your business from your competitors?  The answer, of course, is your brand.  But what is your brand? It’s more than a logo or a catchy phrase. It’s more than a color scheme, an advertising gimmick, […]

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Don’t Be Obsessed With Data!

Are your digital marketing numbers below the Mendoza line? Are you overwhelmed with data to the point where the numbers just don’t make sense anymore? As with every other part of life, there’s such a thing as doing too much. Being data-obsessed won’t get you as far as being data-driven.  So what’s the difference? First […]

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