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How to Rank Higher on SERPs

Less than 1% of visitors to search engines will go past the first page to find what they’re looking for. That means if your brand isn’t already on their mind, it had better be on the first page of search engine results. So how do you improve and rank higher on SERPs? Here are a […]

Posted By John Crowther on May 20th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Creating great content starts with interesting your audience. Building great content marketing campaigns takes it a step further. Not only are you getting folks interested in your product/service offerings, but you’re also building relationships. Let’s examine how to build a successful content marketing campaign from the ground up!  Strategy The first part of developing a […]

Posted By John Crowther on May 18th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Five Copywriting Tips to Create Winning Content

Sometimes writing copy is the toughest part of creating effective content. There’s a lot to balance–using the right language and keywords, selecting the right channels, and keeping it all interesting. Let’s look at five winning copywriting tips to help make your content more effective! Copywriting Tip 1: Keep it Simple Who is your audience? The […]

Posted By John Crowther on May 13th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Tips For Content Optimization by Platform

Creating content is hard. Between staying true to your brand values, cultivating engagement, and being creative, you’ve got your hands full. Even harder yet is keeping your content fresh across platforms. Why is content optimization so important and how do you do it? Let’s examine! Selecting the Right Platforms For Content Optimization Part of the […]

Posted By John Crowther on May 11th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Retargeting: How to Recapture Lost Leads

More times than not, your customers see your ads, consume your content, and ultimately leave your store without purchasing anything. Sometimes, they’ll even put something in their cart (virtual or physical), then for whatever reason, abandon it. Maybe they’ll search for something, find it, then have something come up. Whatever the case, the ratio of […]

Posted By Daniel Jircitano on May 6th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Plant the Seeds of Brand Growth with These Strategies

Building a brand can be downright overwhelming. Between establishing who you are, what you do, and how you do it differently, a challenge presents itself: why should your audience care? If you can excel in three key areas right off the bat, you can plant the seeds of brand growth and watch your business blossom! […]

Posted By John Crowther on May 4th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Free Marketing? Here’s How to Do It!

Part of marketing is balancing your budget. That means figuring out what to spend, where to spend it, and checking your ROI. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some free marketing? Let’s talk about some of the best ways to market your business without spending a single dime!  Is There Such Thing as Free Marketing? […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 29th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Why You Need to Be Using Content Calendars

Organization is key. The better organized your overall content strategy, the better chance you’ll have of attracting, engaging, and converting your customers. If you want your content marketing strategy to succeed, you should be using content calendars.  What are content calendars, why do they matter, and how do you create them? Let’s take a look. […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 26th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Planning Your Online Conversion Series

Marketing, especially content marketing, is an ongoing process. Chances are, you’re not going to wow your audience with a single piece of content–nor is that single piece of content going to get the engagement or conversions you’re looking for. You need a series of thoughtfully-planned, carefully-executed communications. Since the bulk of marketing has gone digital, […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 22nd, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Gated Content: When, How Often, and Why to Use It

When it comes to your marketing content, there are essentially two types: free and paid. Free content is the stuff you provide for free, like your social media page. Paid content takes it a step further, requiring payment for access to more in-depth, valuable content, like a subscription. Gated content, however, is somewhere between the […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 20th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Is it Time For a Social Media Audit?

It’s tax day, which means the word “audit” might not be what you want to hear. But when it comes to your digital presence, like anything else, it requires upkeep and maintenance. To keep your metrics (and engagement) up, it’s important to regularly look back at the content you’re creating and determine whether or not […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 15th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Trying to Go Viral? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Creating content is hard. The pressures of creativity, reaching your audience, and hitting your metrics, as well as doing all three consistently, can present a challenge to even the most talented content creators. Everyone wants to go viral, but has anyone who created viral content done so on purpose? Trying to go viral is even […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 12th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

How to: Increasing Digital Conversions With Content

When you think of digital conversions, what comes to mind? Advertising channels? Marketing metrics? Sales numbers?  Believe it or not, there’s an easier way to boost your digital conversions without spamming ads or endless tinkering with SEO. The best part? You’re already doing it! Let’s take a look at how you can leverage content into […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 8th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Are You Following the Content Hierarchy?

The whole reason your brand creates content is to attract, engage, and maintain customers. Whether that content entertains, educates, or anything in between, it has to first be of interest to the audience. What’s the trick? By following the content hierarchy, you can ensure your brand content is always of interest to your audience! The […]

Posted By John Crowther on April 6th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages are where the conversions start. It’s your opportunity to create buzz around specific products, services, or steps to action. But if your landing pages are lacking punch, the only thing your customers will do is click the “X” and move on. Let’s take a look at five steps to take to improve […]

Posted By John Crowther on March 31st, 2022 in Digital Marketing

If Content is King, What Does That Make SEO?

Content is king. Content marketing is the key to attracting, engaging, and retaining your customers.  But wait–how do you ensure that content reaches the right audience?  The answer, of course, is through SEO.  With that said, if we accept content is king, what does that make SEO? SEO vs. Content  Both your content marketing and […]

Posted By John Crowther on March 29th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

How to Build an Authentic Brand (and Why!)

The hardest part of building a brand is carving out a place in the market, right? Not exactly. It turns out the hardest part of building a brand is building a brand. Creating a brand–not a business–is a multifaceted, perpetually ongoing, and ever-changing challenge. One way to make it easier, however, is to focus on […]

Posted By John Crowther on March 25th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

What is and isn’t Marketing Content?

You already know the importance of content marketing. It’s the jewel in the crown of inbound marketing; a way to attract, engage, and delight your audience. But when it comes down to actually creating that marketing content, where do you start? What exactly is content?  What is Content? At its most basic description, content is […]

Posted By John Crowther on March 23rd, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Finding Your Audience: How to Target the Right Market

Content marketing is king, but it simply doesn’t work if your content isn’t geared towards the right market. What’s more, the most successful content marketers put the needs of the audience ahead of the company’s need for sales. At the same time, even household-name brands didn’t build their following overnight. How do you go about […]

Posted By John Crowther on March 18th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Event Marketing: Is it Time to Get Together?

Human beings crave connection. We love getting together, experiencing new things, and most of all, being a part of something. When it comes to your business, nothing brings people together quite like event marketing. How can you leverage event marketing into more awareness, interest, and conversions?  What is Event Marketing? Event marketing is the use […]

Posted By John Crowther on March 15th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

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