Case Study: Retail Industry


Our client is a large furniture store based in Texas with multiple locations. They had a website that received a good amount of traffic and a huge following on social media, but were struggling to turn their digital buzz into real foot traffic/profit. Enter J&E Media Corp! 

Proposed Solution

J&E Media discussed specific online marketing goals and objectives for a retail store. Once we agreed to focus on increasing foot traffic to their store, J&E Media put together the plan and budget needed to execute.

Here’s What We Did:

  • We created a landing page that was developed to capture emails of those who were interested in their product. The landing page offered a 10% discount that could only be used in stores. When users entered their email address the 10% coupon would automatically emailed to them. This would encourage people to visit the physical location and make purchases. 
  • Because they had a huge social media following, we used that to our advantage and promoted the new landing page (and coupon) on social posts 2x per week (Instagram and Facebook).
  • We also directed the following campaign mediums to the new landing page: GEO Fencing campaigns (targeting competitor locations), and Facebook ads. 
  • We also used the emails gathered to build a mailing list, and send out email marketing campaigns to further entice people to shop in store. 

The campaigns were targeted to the following locations: 30 mile radius around each store location. To achieve optimal results, we focused on people in those areas that were interested in furniture and décor, or had recently moved. 

Result Per Location

After 6 months, our retail client saw the following results:

  • Our posts on social media went VIRAL in April, May, June, July, August and September!!!! 
  • We directed over 4k people to the new landing page
  • An average of 279 people (per location) requested coupons directly from the landing page to be used in store 
  • J&E delivered at 6.67% conversion rate for coupon requests — over TWICE industry average conversion rates!

After such a resounding success, our client signed on for a 12 month contract with J&E Media!

Biggest Takeaway: Our digital marketing campaign saw a conversion rate of 6.67%. J&E Media Corp was able to double the industry average conversion rate for coupons!

Clear Goals, Precise Solutions