Case Study: Non Profits


The Botanical Garden’s was already well known in the Buffalo area but was struggling to promote their events. People knew that the gardens were there, but weren’t aware of the countless events, classes, and workshops that The Botanical Gardens Offered. 

The Gardens had their website designed and ready for ticket sales, but didn’t know how to get the traffic needed to sell tickets.

Proposed Solution

J&E Media sat down with The Botanical Gardens and discussed specific goals and objectives. Once we agreed to focus on ticket sales and increasing qualified leads, J&E Media put together the plan and budget needed to execute. 

Once the budget was determined ($2500/month), and a target audience was created, J&E Media implemented and launched a series of digital campaigns that were optimized to sell tickets/increase leads.

These campaigns included Facebook And Instagram Advertising, Search ReTargeting, and GEO Targeting. The ads were targeted to those in a 30 mile radius of The Botanical Gardens. Each event we promoted had a unique hyper-focused audience in order to achieve optimal results. The audience’s targeted ranged from Girls Night Out to Family-Fun Activities depending on the event. J&E Media also targeted specific GEO fences in Buffalo where our audience was likely to be: The Buffalo Zoo, Explore N More Museum, Canalside, Etc. If a qualified lead entered the GEO Fence location, we captured their IP addresses and served them Botanical Garden promo Ads for 30 days. We could then track to see how many qualified leads attended The Botanical Garden’s events solely from the ad itself. Each event promo had a specific run date, along with specific graphics (all of which aligned with our branding in order to create a sense of brand loyalty).

We scheduled out a year of events, workshops, and offers and the results were astounding. 


During the first few months, The Botanical Gardens saw a visible increase in foot traffic. By the end of the year, J&E Media Corp’s Campaign contributed to 5 sell-out events. Tickets were selling out so fast that we actually had to turn campaigns off in order to keep up with demand!  

The Campaigns went so well after the first year that The Marketing Director at The Botanical Garden’s signed a 4 year contract with J&E Media! Because of the increase in qualified leads and ticket sales, they were also able to increase their advertising budget by 20%! We’ve had a budding partnership ever since! 

“We saw record high traffic at most of our events. We even had a few sell-outs!!” – Marketing Director At The Botanical Gardens  

Clear Goals, Precise Solutions