Case Study: Medical Industry


Deluca Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic surgery practice in the Albany Area. Competing with cities like New York City was proven to be tough. With an outdated website and subpar SEO, Deluca Plastic Surgery was struggling to get new clients. Enter: J&E Media. 

Proposed Solution

J&E Media sat down with Dr. T and DPS and discussed specific goals and objectives. Once we agreed to focus on increasing the number of qualified consultation requests, J&E Media put together the plan and budget needed to execute: We would focus on three major procedures: Breast Augmentation, Facelifts, and Tummy Tucks. Here’s What We Did:

  • We created a landing page for each procedure, that was optimized to capture leads (i.e. consultation requests).
  • We directed the following campaign mediums to our landing pages: GOOGLE Ads, Search Retargeting, OTT, and GEO Fencing campaigns (targeting competitor locations). 
  • We gave the main website a major cosmetic upgrade (focusing on call to action buttons) and began an aggressive SEO campaign. We also created a monthly blog on the main site to further SEO efforts. 
  • We managed Social media posting and directed posts to the main site and landing pages for more info. 

The campaigns were targeted to the following locations: Albany, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut. To achieve optimal results, we focused on people in those areas that were interested in cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and/or facelifts.


After 12 months, Deluca plastic surgery saw the following results:

  • 27% increase in consultations (Before J&E: 1209 total consult requests, After J&E: 1534 total consult requests)
  • Trend of consults per month: 127 per month on average
  • SEO ranking improved by 62.5%
  • Organic website traffic for the main page increased from 52% to 74%. 

Overall, the campaign saw a conversion rate of 4.60% (with average conversion rates falling at 2.35%). J&E Media was able to double the industry average conversion rate for consultations! 

The Campaigns went so well after the first year that DPS signed another 12 month contract with J&E Media!

BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: Deluca Plastic Surgery wanted to see an increase in consultation requests for the year 2021, and J&E was able to deliver a 27% proven increase! 

Clear Goals, Precise Solutions