What’s The Difference Between Data and Information?

Data is far and away the most valuable commodity in the world today. Does that mean that information is just as valuable? While perception is reality, data is a way to quantify differing perceptions of reality into tangible, meaningful conclusions. For example, you might perceive Fridays as the busiest days for your small business. Data […]

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Top 4 Skills For Marketers Today

Think of the last advertisement or commercial you saw. What stands out? The most persuasive, compelling, and ultimately successful advertisements are more or less cut from the same cloth. What skills can we distill from these advertisements? More importantly, let’s take a look at the top four skills for marketers today. 1.) Critical Thinking Unless […]

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How Small Businesses Can Compete with Big Boxes

Right now, if you go on your smartphone or computer, you can buy just about anything you want from a big-box store. What’s more, you can even get it the next-or even the same-day. For the most part, small businesses can’t compete with that kind of turnaround time. Where they can compete, however, is by […]

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Why Empathy is the Most Valuable Marketing Skill

You might have the most convincing sales pitch, the highest quality product, and the lowest price in town, but if you don’t have empathy, your business could be in trouble. In the words of Oprah Winfrey, “leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate to and connect with people for the […]

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What Can Pizza Teach You About Business?

What Can Pizza Teach You About Business? Everyone likes pizza. Seriously, it’s not the number one dinner choice among Americans for no reason. Look beyond the warm, gooey goodness, however, and you just might learn something. What can pizza teach you about business? The Crust Matters The crust of your pizza matters. You could take […]

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How to Craft the Most Effective Advertising Messages

You might think you know what your customers want, but do you know what they need? If your advertising messages are too broad, too narrow, or focused on the wrong points, your customers will tune them out. Here are some helpful tips to help you craft the most effective advertising messages to help grow your […]

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How Much Does Your Content Strategy Matter?

In its simplest terms, content is the information or experiences directed towards an audience. The goal of content creation is to engage the audience in a meaningful way to foster long-term connections. In other words, if you produce content your audience likes, they’ll both want more and like you for creating it. Is your content […]

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Are You Using the Right Social Media Platforms?

Everyone thinks they know the social media platforms inside and out. While spreading your advertising across all the major channels may offer more in terms of potential visibility, how much of that effort goes wasted? Are you pouring the right resources into the social media platforms your target audience is using? What’s the Difference Between […]

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What Does Your Website Say About You?

There are all types of websites out there. From the professionally crafted to the hastily-made to the perpetually under construction, customers have never had more options when it comes to surfing the web. What does the appearance, functionality, and responsiveness of your website say about your business?  Your Website is the Face of Your Business […]

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Should You Compare Yourself to Your Competition?

Part of running a business is gauging how you stand in the marketplace. Obviously, your bottom line is the most telling indicator of how your business is doing, but what about the competition? Should you take the time to compare your business to those who provide the same or similar products or services? Comparing the […]

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How Important is Word of Mouth Advertising?

Even the most entertaining, insightful, and revolutionary advertisements aren’t always convincing. That’s because the most powerful form of persuasion comes from those we know and trust. With the advent of social media and digital technologies, today everyone has the power to be an influencer. How important is word of mouth advertising to your overall marketing […]

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Understanding the Consumer Decision Making Process

Understanding the Consumer Decision Making Process Consumers today see over 5,000 brand messages a day. Add to that the fact that more and more new businesses are sprouting up, and competition is as fierce as ever. At the same time, the evolution of digital technology has dramatically altered the consumer decision making process. The key […]

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Understanding Your Target Market

Though it’s typically one of the first steps in establishing a new business, there are plenty of businesses out there that simply don’t have a fundamental understanding of their target market. While demographics are telling to a point, they don’t provide anything more than a structural context for data. To really understand your audience, you […]

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Consumer Insights: What, How and Why?

How can you leverage customer attitudes, interests, activities, and behaviors to learn about their needs, motivations, and goals? The answer is through the development of consumer insights. It’s not enough to simply know what your customers are doing and how often they’re doing it. What’s more important is the why. That’s where you’ll find your […]

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Customer Perception is Reality (For Your Customers)

Perception is reality, and customer perception, in particular, is reality for your customers. That means every part of your communication strategy has the power to either reinforce or sway that reality. You don’t have the power to determine what your customers think of you, but there are steps you can take to help make their […]

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Ethical Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

For business owners, your main goal is to grow your business and garner more customers. While it may be tempting to try to get ahead by cutting corners, it’s important to remember that ethical marketing matters. Once you lose your audience’s trust, you may not get the chance to earn it back.  Be Honest Special […]

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Digital Marketing Strategies You Can’t Avoid

Today is Tax Day 2021, so don’t forget to file your taxes by the end of the day! While fortunately taxes are not a part of your marketing strategy, there are some digital marketing strategies that, like taxes, you can’t succeed without doing! Website Think of your website as the heart of your brand. The […]

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Executing Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing is multi-layered, complex, and time-consuming. Once you’ve analyzed your research findings and developed a plan, how do you nail the execution? It’s all part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Don’t Underestimate Planning The first step to effective digital marketing campaigns is planning.  Without a carefully laid out plan, even the best ideas […]

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Is Digital Marketing More Art Or Science?

Digital Marketing: Art or Science? Marketing has changed dramatically over the years. Whereas in the past people bought from those they knew and trusted, today’s market saturation means more competition for business. Since folks don’t always have the convenience of buying from those they implicitly trust, marketing is a must. When it comes to marketing […]

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Three Tips For Marketing Your New Business

How many new businesses pop up each year? The numbers have been trending up for the past decade. In 2020 alone, over four million new business applications were submitted! While that means the market is more competitive, it doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take as an entrepreneur to get yourself ahead. Let’s take […]

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