Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

Content marketing is the future. If you’re not creating valuable, consistent content for your target audience, they’re going to get it elsewhere. Let’s take a look at the top 8 reasons content marketing should be at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy!

1.) It Establishes Connections With Your Audience

a tug of war stock photoYour customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to feel like they’re part of something. Roper Public Affairs research found 70% of people agreed content marketing makes them feel closer to a brand. That means content marketing can be leveraged to facilitate real connections with your audience. 

In a nutshell, content marketing allows you to create a more engaging customer experience. Rather than list a product’s features, show what you can do with it! Tell your brand story, ask questions, and help your audience relate to both the brand and each other!

The goal is to keep people coming back for more. An invigorating video series, an insightful blog, and even immersive experiences can make your audience feel a part of the brand, build suspense and interest, and ultimately build significant interest in your brand!

2.) It Sells Without Selling

Again, your customers don’t want to be sold to. If your content consists of “this is our product, this is our price, and this is where to find it”, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, look for creative, insightful ways to help your audience recognize a problem that your product or service can solve. 

Remember, most sales aren’t made overnight. In order to get your customers to pull the trigger, they need to be convinced. The whole idea behind effective content marketing is to generate interest and desire in your brand’s offerings. If you can create enough buzz, folks will be interested–and convinced–enough to take action!

3.) It Helps With SEO

a computer with a magnifying glass over it, highlighting "SEO" and how it gets resultsContent marketing is a major boon for your SEO efforts. Relevant, impactful content will lead to more views of your page and load your page up with the right keywords for SEO. Best of all, once search engines pick up that your site is driving traffic, it’ll catapult your page to the forefront of SERPs!

SEO is a multi-layered, complex game. While search engine optimization in and of itself is not a part of content marketing, content marketing is an integral part of SEO. Content with more engagement, shares, and clicks will rank higher for search engine algorithms, boosting your brand’s visibility. In other words, the better your content, the more people will see it!

4.) Content Marketing Generates More Effective Leads Than Other Forms of Marketing

A lead is technically anyone with interest in your brand’s offerings. While other forms of marketing, like email marketing or social media ads, may facilitate interest in your brand, they’re more close-ended. Content marketing, on the other hand, keeps the conversation going in an open-ended style. 

Your content should help your audience see things differently. Whether you’re illuminating a problem or showing people who they want to be, your content has the power to inspire action. Get your audience interested with content marketing that does more than get them to kick the tires!

5.) Content Marketing Leads to a Better ROI

Some marketing tools are more effective than others. Strategic content created specifically for a target audience means more value for that sect of people. Not to mention, if you can personalize that content, you can take it a step further. Personalized, valuable content is the motor that drives customers to make a purchase, and content marketing is the assembly line!

Put simply, if you can zero in on who your audience is and what they’re looking for, you can create content that makes a difference. That means you won’t need to waste money on inefficient channels!

6.) Content Develops Your Brand Identity

an infographic of building a brand out of the lettersYour content is your brand identity. Whatever you publish digitally is what your audience will think of you. Whether that’s bright, catchy visuals or long-form blog posts full of tricks of the trade, it’ll help establish your position in the marketplace. Are you a leader, mover, shaker, or trendsetter? More importantly, what are your customers looking for?

This is especially important for brands that are just starting out. Your content will help establish your brand’s unique voice, as well as key themes and motifs your audience can associate with you.

7.) You Can Easily Track Your Performance

Data should be the starting point for any worthwhile marketing strategy. Analytics can tell you what’s working and where to improve. Content marketing is so effective because you can easily track the most important metrics

For instance, if the goal of your content marketing is to generate more web traffic, it’s easy to track how your content is affecting that outcome. Best of all, by regularly adjusting your content, you’ll keep it fresh, on-topic, and efficient at turning leads into customers. 

8.) Content Marketing Works!

As you can see, content marketing works. Between generating a better ROI, establishing your identity and credibility, and fostering relationships with your audience, content marketing can help your business grow. Capitalize on the power of media and make content marketing the forefront of your digital marketing strategy!

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