Top 3 In-Demand Marketing Skills

Branding is at the forefront of digital marketing. The better your brand understands how its customers view and interact with your digital content, the better suited you’ll be to create content that resonates with those customers. At the same time, developing and maintaining a brand requires patience, persistence, and–you guessed it–skills. Let’s take a look […]

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Is Marketing Automation the Future or The Present?

Though we haven’t yet achieved the flying car utopia predicted 50 years ago, we’re living in the most technologically advanced age yet. Between self-driving cars, appliance-controlling apps, and even robot vacuum cleaners, automation is quickly becoming the forefront of modern technology. As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to develop, how does that affect your […]

Posted By John Crowther on February 25th, 2022 in Digital Marketing

Does Your Brand Need a Mobile App?

More and more consumers are spending more time engaged with mobile devices than ever before. A huge part of that? The increasing utility of mobile apps. A mobile app doesn’t just drive more traffic–it can increase sales, boost brand awareness, and provide a better overall customer experience. Does your brand need a mobile app? What […]

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Does Social Media Have an Effect on SEO?

Social media is instrumental in optimizing your brand awareness and improving customer loyalty, but can it actually impact your SEO efforts? After all, social media platforms are technically part of the internet. Should you be concerned with how your social media content impacts how potential customers might find your business online? Social Media & SEO  […]

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Why Paid Social Media Outweighs Organic Social Media

As a combination of earned, owned, and paid marketing channels, social media provides countless opportunities for engagement with millions of people every day. While nearly every business in America uses social media for marketing, many businesses are severely lacking when it comes to leveraging paid social media to optimize awareness, traffic, and conversions. Why is […]

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How To Convert Customers Through Mobile Advertising

True or false: most ads perform better on mobile devices than desktop computers. The answer, of course, is false. While people may spend more leisure time on their mobile devices than on desktop computers, the average conversion rate for mobile advertising is lower than its desktop comparison. But if your ads aren’t being seen by […]

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Can You Thrive Without Paid Search Marketing?

Over 90% of all internet experiences start with a visit to Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine. Open up a browser on your computer or mobile device. What’s the default homepage? If you want customers to be able to easily discover your website, it’s going to take more than savvy SEO strategies and quality […]

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Are You Using The Right Digital Marketing Channels?

Effective digital marketing strategy coincides with a versatile marketing mix. In other words, the more places you advertise, the more potential impressions. Ideally, your business could spend as much as it wants on every channel of communication and reap the optimal ROI. Realistically, however, maximizing the return on your marketing dollars means choosing the right […]

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Three Tips To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email messages are your customers’ preferred method of digital communication-and it’s not even close. Essentially, everyone who receives an email from your brand or organization is already a warm lead because he or she signed up to receive those emails. Compare that to unsolicited direct mail, tv commercials, or unskippable video ads and it’s easy […]

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