Does Black Friday Still Matter?

Black Friday is traditionally the single-biggest retail shopping day of the year. Since 2008, spending numbers had been rising year-over-year, culminating with a whopping $775 Billion in 2020 retail receipts. Early returns from 2021, however, show that Black Friday has perhaps lost its luster. Have customer shopping habits changed or is this more a result […]

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Positivity: Your Marketing Secret Weapon

Marketing is, at its core, storytelling; the goal of which is to tell the story of why your product or service deserves your customers’ business. Storytelling matters–science says the more compelling the story, the more engaged the audience will be. In other words, if you get your customers interested, they’ll be more likely to contribute […]

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How Much Content is Too Much?

Every content marketing strategy is unique. No two businesses post identical content on identical schedules. At the same time, some brands have scant social media presences, while it seems like others do nothing but post content. Neither strategy is optimal. Businesses who post too little run the risk of becoming irrelevant, overlooked, or forgotten while […]

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Is Creative Marketing The Best Strategy?

By definition, successful marketing is a product of creative disruption. In other words, ads are effective because they creatively break through the noise and grab our attention. The average American consumer sees as many as 10,000 advertisements a day! While placing an emphasis on creativity can help capture the spotlight, is a marketing strategy focused […]

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STP: Deliver The Right Content to The Right Customers

Your business wants as many customers as possible. Ideally, you’d create content that appeals to every possible customer, but that would entail infinite unique customizations that aren’t feasible-even for the biggest global brands. Instead, the right approach is segmentation, targeting, and positioning, or how your brand carves out its space in the marketplace. With the […]

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Are You Doing Inbound Marketing Correctly?

Every business wants more and more customers. The name of the game is growing your brand awareness to establish a large base of passionate, loyal customers. Traditionally, businesses have had to go out and find their customers through “old-fashioned” forms of advertising like radio and television commercials, billboards, and even cold calls. With the right […]

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